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Workspace6 is the best community for 7, 8 & 9 figure+ eCommerce operators. 

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A private community of the best operators in eCommerce

Connect with a rigorously vetted group of brand owners from a wide range of industries - all focused on strategically scaling their brands

Over $10,000,000,000+ in Revenue
Across hundreds of members

What is Workspace6?

Your new favorite eCommerce community

Network with hundreds of the best operators in the world doing a combined $10bn+ in annual revenue.

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Exclusive software discounts

Save thousands of dollars a year on eCommerce software like Northbeam, Triple Whale, Post Pilot and more! 

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Exclusive Priority Support With the Top Platforms

Meta, Shopify, Amazon, Klaviyo, TikTok, etc.. Think of it as an insurance policy.

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Why you should join Workspace6

24/7 Active Community

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Intimate Mastermind Teams

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Our Mission

The DTC industry couldn't care less about you or your brand. Despite the fact that you foot the bill for everything, from software to agencies to service providers, you're lucky if you could sell your brand for the sweat and tears that went into it.
Workspace6 is here to change that. We're on a mission to rebalance the power dynamic and put brand owners and operators back in control, united by our collective strength as a community.
Our aim is to create an industry that recognizes and rewards the entrepreneurial visionaries who create and grow successful brands.
With Workspace6, we will revolutionize the industry, making it truly merchant-centric and empowering founders to reap upside of the industry they built. They are arming the rebels, we are rallying them.

What our members say

Membership FAQs

What does the application process look like?

To gain admission to Workspace6, you'll need to undergo a series of steps that assess your alignment with our core values. Furthermore, we only accept a restricted number of members each month, and after you've been verified, you'll be placed in a queue for group access. Verification includes a manual review by a member of our team checking your business and revenue as well.

How long does the application process take?

Our team is constantly reviewing applications and it can take 5-7 days to be activated once approved. If your application is denied, your subscription will be canceled and you will be refunded any fees. If you are approved, your renewal period will be tied to the date that approval date.

What are the requirements to join?

All members must be doing a minimum of 7-figures a year in revenue. This is a closed community for eCommerce merchants so we are not currently accepting applications for agencies, SaaS companies, or any non-eCommerce operations.


1) 7-Figures+ in yearly revenue
2) Give more than you take
3) Don't share anything outside the group

W6 Community Membership

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Hundreds of members doing $10b+ in collective revenue
Thousands in savings on software
Pre-vetted list of hundreds of tried and true contractors and agencies
Weekly digital meetups
Intimate mastermind teams
Local IRL groups
No spam or shills
No assholes
Real private conversations that will actually improve your business
An Exclusive Community of High Performing Entrepreneurs
Engage in conversations not being had anywhere else and level up your brand.
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